The Academic Edition

The Metamorphosis Academic Edition is an essential and excellent resource for all teachers and students of Franz Kafka, Modern Literature, Drama, Film Studies, English and German, and has also been used for courses on Philosophy,  Religion and Ethics.

The Academic Edition is comprised of the double DVD of both the film adaptation and the bonus feature  Behind the Scenes as well as the Teacher's Handbook. Used together they provide the perfect platform for group and individual study of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis. Full details are below.

The double DVD and the Teacher's Handbook can be purchased separately as single items.

Metamorphosis DVD cover  

Metamorphosis DVD cover  

Inside the Metamorphosis Academic Edition

Metamorphosis DVD

The film faithfully portrays Franz Kafka’s blackly comic, bizarre and utterly compelling story. Directed by Chris Swanton, starring Maureen Lipman, Robert Pugh and Laura Rees and narrated by Tim Pigott-Smith.

Behind the Scenes DVD

An excellent resource for film and literature students. Chris Swanton discusses the challenges that arose in adapting the classic novella and the decision to visually portray Gregor, something that Kafka himself was always opposed to. The bonus feature also discusses the Green Screen technique and the special effects used in the film’s creation.

Metamorph final cover.jpg

Teacher's Handbook

Brand new translation of Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis. Chris Swanton expertly translates into English Franz Kafka’s intricate, multiple-clause-based German text.

Accessible analysis of The Metamorphosis in line with the new translation and aimed primarily at student level. Chris Swanton discusses the meaning and intention in Kafka’s text from a film-maker's point of view and draws some illuminating conclusions.

The screenplay of Chris Swanton’s adaptation, which illustrates the challenges that arise when transposing such a multi-layered text as The Metamorphosis to the screen.

Worksheets - familiarisation tasks and suggested discussions to make the most of the Metamorphosis Academic Edition.

Summary – containing material to support the Worksheets.



Double Disc DVD: Metamorphosis and Behind the Scenes - £16 

Teacher's Handbook - £14

Those who purchase the Academic Pack also buy the right to reproduce part of the Academic Notes and Commentary in essays and class projects.

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